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Beton LLC

  • Concrete Nano Technology
  • Concrete structures that stay
  • First Time 12K PSI Concrete

Why Beton NYC ?

Concrete is one of the most versatile construction materials in the world

Most of it is due to the tremendous technological breakthroughs in the concrete advancement.


With such great opportunities there becomes a time, when everyone – Engineer, Contractor, Manufacturer, the Owner must stop and analyze what gigantic steps the concrete as a material made in the last 10 years.

Well, let’s start with obvious: The concrete of Today can be utilized in many ways that it was never dreamt of years ago: we can create a mix that will flow with ease, but will set up a few hours and take a structural load; we can put the concrete to “sleep” for many hours; we can substantially lower the labor cost of concrete placement; we can waterproof the concrete integrally; we can create a mix that will make concrete the strongest construction material in the world. 

All of these “new” characteristics and more could be achieved by changing the concrete ingredients, but it also changes the approach of addressing the different ways concrete behaves. The mason, the finisher, the pumping operator should know the very basics of the concrete, but also know what changes are made in the concrete they handle, so they don’t treat it as one and the same.

Increased Rate of Consistency

Reducing Environmental Impact

Decreased Material and Labor Cost

Increased Workability and Profits

How many people today in the concrete contractor’s office can identify the exact mix that is needed by reading the specifications on the project in the bid stage, create the proper mix without overlooking the most important characteristics of the concrete and not overload it with unnecessary products?

How many people in the same office can pick up the phone and call the Design Engineer and ask the questions regarding the properties of concrete specified? 

Many ways concrete can be either enhanced by the pump operator, mason and the superintendent on the job, and can be wrecked by the same people. Keeping the concrete on the job for too long, adding more water than the mix requires, over finishing the slab, etc. can eventually make the contractor a liable party for non-conformance.

And, as long as we are on a conformance issue of concrete on the project, who evaluates the people that are inspecting and testing that concrete? I am confident to say, that there are far and few between people representing the contractor in the field in a professional matter, assuring the contractor that all regulations and codes are met.

Beton Services

Providing the following expertise service in the USA Concrete Industry for the Project Owner, Concrete Contractor or the Manufacturer of Concrete:

We conducted a wide range of experimental and theoretical research in selected areas of material science and engineering - to discover and design cutting edge materials technologies.

Newly developed materials with outstanding properties most often call for disruptive manufacturing technologies. At Beton we have developed these technologies. Technologies that enable production of tomorrow’s products making them better, stronger, and safer.

Beton will also manufacture under sales and distribution agreements our ground breaking products under your brand name allowing for diversification of the product line without the risk and capital expenditure required to set up new manufacturing lines.

we will make sure your interest is represented by highly qualified personnel

As a perfect example of what Bet-on NYCCC is offering to a prospective clients, is extremely successful Quality Assurance system, created by Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Material Engineering Division on World Trade Center job site.

Our Vision of 21 Century Concrete

World Trade Center Building N1

(Freedom Tower) 220K of concrete

World Trade Center Building N7

What are misconceptions and risks associated with it?

Beekman Tower
United States Mission to the UN

United States Mission to the United Nations

JFK Control Tower

Does everyone understand what changes where made in producing concrete?

Time Warner Center Building

What concrete can and can’t do for you?

Tramp World Tower

First time 12K psi concrete

Coney Island Pollution Plat
Greenpiont Pollution Plat

Beton Selected Works

Our company will make sure your interest is represented by highly qualified personnel.

World Trade Center

Time Warner Center

Trump World Tower

Beekman Tower

United States Mission to the UN

JFK Control Tower

helping to develop concrete structures that will stay 100 + years it is our goal


Misha Tartakovsky, Concrete Technologist, Principal at Bet-on NY Consulting LLC.