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About Bet-on

About Bet-on

Over thirty (30) years in concrete industry in NYC Metropolitan Area.  Promotion, QC and Management experience in concrete materials & technology.

Bet-on New York Consulting, LLC

Providing the following expertise service in the USA Concrete Industry for the Project Owner, Concrete Contractor or the Manufacturer of Concrete:


We have developed a portfolio of unique cement based building products.

Many ways concrete can be either enhanced by the pump operator, mason and the superintendent on the job, and can be wrecked by the same people. Keeping the concrete on the job for too long, adding more water than the mix requires, over finishing the slab, etc. can eventually make the contractor a liable party for non-conformance.


And, as long as we are on a conformance issue of concrete on the project, who evaluates the people that are inspecting and testing that concrete? I am confident to say, that there are far and few between people representing the contractor in the field in a professional matter, assuring the contractor that all regulations and codes are met.



Beton Team

International Concrete Projects

  • Armenia, Yerevan – High Rise Project “Avnik”. Canada, Cigar Lake
  • Comeco Corporation, Uranium Mining Russia, Moscow Citi
  • Thornton Tomasetti Engineering, High Rise “Federation Tower

Concrete Consultant and Adviser for

  • Plant Architects - Concrete batching and delivery systems, San Antonio, Texas, USA
  • Rosavtodor - Federal Road Agency of Ministry of the Russian Federation, Moscow
  • OJSC Giprodornii – Road design and construction institute, Moscow;

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