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" I have had the pleasure to work with Misha for many years, both as a supplier of admixtures and fly ash, while he was Quality Control Manager of Quadrozzi Concrete Corp. His comprehension of the intricacies of concrete is remarkable. His expertise in the production of high strength and high performance concrete has always been outstanding. His passion would be an asset to any organization looking for an experienced, knowledgeable individual who can contribute in an effort to improve on a company’s concrete construction. "

William J. Lyons III, FACI

Engineering Services Representative, W. R. Grace & Co.

" Concrete is second nature to Misha. His skills are vast in the concrete industry. He is an expert in high strength concrete and mass concrete. "

Christopher Paradiso

Quality Control & Plant Manager, Quadrozzi Concrete Corp

" I have known and worked with Michael Tartakovsky for over twenty years. He has an unusual knowledge and hands-on expertise with concrete and all of its' components. In the past, he has willingly shared this knowledge with myself, as we both shared the common belief that this will ultimately help concretes' performance in New York City. At the time, much of this work seemed far-fetched, but ultimately it lead to a most precise knowledge of all the components of concrete. We have discussed, and worked on many concrete design mixes, most of which was based on the cutting edge of technology. It is quite a rare commodity these days, to find someone with Michaels experience, and rarer indeed to find a person whom is willing to share, and teach this knowledge to others. I have been honored indeed, to have known and worked with Mr. Tartakovsky. "

Howard Pickett

Owner, independent testing laboratories, Inc.

" I have found Misha to be very well versed in concrete technology and plant management, anyone who will work with him or employees him will find him to be valuable. "

Jan Rostek

President, STL CSS, LLC

" Misha is one of the most knowledgeable technical concrete professionals I have had the pleasure of working with. The best recommendation I could give would be that should I have an opening in his area of expertise, I would hire him in a heartbeat. Honest, hardworking and professional are all traits I associate with Misha. "

Croen Fred

Technical Services Manager, GCHI - Keystone Cement Division

Michael (Misha) Tartakovsky - Concrete Technologist

Over thirty (30) years in concrete industry in NYC Metropolitan Area. Promotion, QC and Management experience in concrete materials & technology

With Paul Zoltanetski
WTC Roof
Uranium Mining
Belong to the following professional societies:

American Concrete Institute, NYC Concrete Industrial Board, Concrete Technologist Association, Concrete Society Group, Concrete Guru Group

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